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Primary STEM CPD

With a shortage of Science specialist in Primary schools and a lack of confidence in some aspects of science, it is little wonder that many primary teachers feel a little apprehensive when it comes to teaching science. Teachers are brimming over with ideas but often want to feel more comfortable with the science behind the ideas or they are looking for new ways to deliver "dry" parts of the National Curriculum or may want to inspire parents, grandparents into supporting and delivering fun STEM (STEAM) activities or just want to understand what "Working Scientifcally " actually means.

We can help with each of these areas with CPD designed to tackle your particular concerns. We can help your staff develop their teaching skills and scientific knowledge and appreciate the numerous cross curriculum opportunities for learning science, engineering and maths whilst engaged in a history or geography project or English story telling exercise or sports challenge or during musical composition.

Teacher CPD

CPD courses start at £250 and if you want to know more, please email me at bruce@wonderworkshops.co.uk

“Efforts to broaden students’ aspirations, particularly in relation to STEM, need to begin at primary school.

“The current focus of most activities and interventions – at secondary school – is likely to be too little, too late.”

Engineering UK 2015