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Staff Feedback:
STEM CPD Workshops
(Piran Partnership Day) June 2018.

Sarah Marshall, Headteacher, St Germans Primary

Amanda Raynham-Dobb M Ed, Headteacher, Menheniot Primary School.

Very inspiring and directed – lots of ideas and resources suggestions
Well-presented and interesting and led well into the STEM workshop
Good – liked Skittles exp – will do this in class
Well balanced session with good resources shared
Really enjoyed – lots of ideas to use
Excellent – inspirational
Excellent – informative speaker, set the scene for a great day
Good start to a packed day


Brilliant! And great fun! Very usable ideas and resources
Gave excellent ideas/advice into achievable DT Projects
Great to do hands on experience
Enjoyed the glove in cup
Amazing thoroughly enjoyed this session –it was good to see how DT projects can be easily and successfully achieved in a short space of time
Good practical session – as above with lots of ideas
Loved it
Great to have the opportunity and time to make models
Fabulous, fun, inspiring, accessible
Hands on and lots of interactive fun – how most lessons should be taught

Carla Jenkinson
Deputy Head
Victoria Road Primary

July 2016
Bruce has worked with the children at Victoria Road Primary on a number of projects.  The first workshop was building Anderson shelters out of newspaper.  The children learnt many cross curricular skills such as DT, maths, science and engineering.  The children worked in teams to create giant shelters for all of their team to fit inside.  In the afternoon the children then had to build an electrical circuit to light up their shelter.  The children really enjoyed the workshops. 

As a result we asked Bruce to come back into school and build fan assisted boats with the children, this also applied some of the electrical circuit learning the children had been given from the last session.  The children were competing against each other to see who's boat would reach the other side the quickest.  All of these workshops were fully resourced and delivered in a professional and clear way.

Bruce has also been part of the National Science Week event which was held at Marjon College.  He was involved in creating the project to ensure that it would work.  180 children from across Plymouth came on the day to race the vehicles they had made and Bruce was one of the workshops in which children had to build the tallest tower.  He provided a prize for the children who won. 

Bruce is now heavily involved with the Science hub team and is also organising a Boat Race for the children to enter as a year 5 and 6 transition project.  We already have 10 schools signed up and Bruce is providing one and a half day workshops for all those who enter.  Bruce helps teachers deliver STEM into the classrooms in a fun and engaging way.
James Thomson
STEM Coordinator Leigham Primary

June 2016
Shelter Challenge.
This was an extremely engaging and well thought out session. The learning linked very well with our topic work and also linked to science, maths and DT. Bruce could not have been more helpful in the build-up to the session. I would thoroughly recommend this session.

Future Ocean Citizens:
" We challenged Bruce to devise a session for 40 KS1 French children and he came up trumps! They wanted learning linked their learning about the ocean and Bruce designed a great session of boat building which included learning about electricity. The work was accessible and well thought out. He could not have been more helpful and provided the French teachers with useful information such as outlines of the day and detailed directions."
Melanie  Whitby
Science Coordinator
Horrabridge Primary

July 2016
Bruce from Wonder Workshops provided a fantastic learning experience for children across the school, ranging from Nursery to Year 6. An array of exciting activities was offered, creating Science and engineering opportunities that were relevant and exciting for the children.
Activities were targeted appropriately and allowing children to work in mixed age groups ensured that exciting outcomes
could be reached by all.
The children really enjoyed all activities and the learning was evident in all aspects of the workshops, from initial stages to building and then problem-solving if things didn't quite work first time round! Thank you for a wonder-ful time!
Carly-Anne Rose
Science Coordinator
(Y4 Teacher)
Mayflower Primary

July 2016
The pupils are Mayflower Community Academy were blown away with a short taster of wonder workshops with Bruce initially at our Science Week 2016 Plymouth event at Marjon University.
It was early during the planning stages of our new Architecture project that Bruce immediately came to mind. We gave Bruce an overview of our project with a rough idea of an outcome and he designed a brilliant two day workshop. It was aimed perfectly for our children with lots of hands on, creative activities. It enabled and encouraaged our pupils to think logically, provide reasoning and work collaboratively with other classes and children that they might not ordinarily work with.
Bruce's workshop enabled our pupils to develop their confidence with STEM, building, designing and creating multiple drafts of stadium structures, making links to real life structure and architecture as well as challenge them. The pupils at Mayflower Community Academy thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it will be a day that they will never forget. Thanks Bruce !
Anna Beddard
Special Needs Coordinator
Torbay Council

July 2016
At the beginning of July the Virtual School arranged a STEM Morning for KS2 (years 4, 5 and 6), followed by a KS3 STEM afternoon. Activities were based around engineering and teamwork challenges for the students. They were challenged to construct bridges using newspaper, glue and cable ties. Strengthening of the structures was encouraged to increase strength and stability. This was a great success with older students supporting the younger students.

Following this, the young people individually made vehicles to cross the bridges. During the activity discussions around friction and energy were dropped in, this was done using an enquiry approach – why do you think etc. This led to further discussions between the young people of what they already knew from school and what prior activities they had done. The activities were differentiated as appropriate with younger students modifying their vehicles by decorating them, whilst others explored the effect of different width elastic bands or using more than one band.

The afternoon activities for the KS3 students involved designing and then modifying propeller driven boats. The Science included making circuits, buoyancy, streamlined shapes and balance. Trying out the boats in a paddling pool was a popular part of the activity, then redesigning the boats to increase buoyancy, using different paddles and moving components to ensure the boats went in a straight line were encouraged. It ended up with a race – with the boat with the largest paddles winning.

Comments from students

When can we do this again?
Really fun, amazing
I want to do it again
Enjoyed it, definitely come again
I really liked it and can’t wait to do it again
Can we do this every term.
I liked everything
Making the boats was fun
It was great racing the boats.

Comments from carers and social workers.
They loved it
He was so excited telling me about what he had done
He  gets so much benefit from doing things practically
She couldn’t wait to show me how it worked. The virtual school would like to extend a big thank you to all the carers and schools that transported the students to and from the venue.

The day was a great success and had immense benefits for the students in having the freedom and time to try out their ideas and modify them. The activities allowed the children to succeed and, in addition to encouraging their academic knowledge, it provided opportunities to develop resilience and perseverance. Bruce was amazing in knowing when to support the children and when to challenge them. Wonderworkshops would be beneficial for all children in fostering a curiosity of how things work, whilst using practical activities to support their learning.

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